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    Sharks and Minnows Unveil New Track “Stay Lost” from Upcoming EP

    Renowned within the realm of indie rock, Sharks and Minnows are thrilled to unveil their newest offering, the captivating track “Stay Lost.” This dynamic and innovative song is the first offering from their upcoming five-song EP.

    “Stay Lost” takes listeners on a sonic journey through the heart of indie rock. The song begins with familiar indie rock foundations before seamlessly incorporating elements such as tape loops, e-bow, horns, and a perfectly timed four bars of tambourine. The climax of the track is an unforgettable instrumental build at 2:50, accompanied by the powerful final chorus.

    Fans of Sharks and Minnows are sure to embrace “Stay Lost” as a fresh and captivating addition to the band’s growing discography. Stay tuned for the release of the full EP, which promises even more groundbreaking tracks from this talented group.

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