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    Shang Chi & the 10 Rings; Trailer Break Down + Easter Eggs

    Shang Chi & the 10 Rings; Trailer Break Down + 11 Easter Eggs

    Marvel has released the Shang-Chi and the Legend of the ten rings trailer. It’s time to break down the trailer and find the easter eggs.

    Shang Chi
    Simu Lui will play Shang Chi in Marvel’s Shang Chi and the Legend of the 10 rings. Via twitter

    Actor, Simu Liu plays the lead of Shang Chi. Legend has it that Shang Chi has superhuman strength. Trained in martial arts, meditation, and concentration, Shang Chi can battle God’s without a single weapon in hand.

    Official Trailer

    Easter Eggs

    1. Abomination Character

    Appeared in Avengers’ Endgame and Incredible Hulk (2008). The character appears more comic book accurate. Since that appearance, Abomination has been locked away in a prison in Alaska. But, Feige has confirmed that Abomination will be in the new She-hulk series for Disney+

    Abomination Character

    2. Julia Louis-Dreyfus may pop up in this film due to her efforts in recruitment in Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Black Widow post credit scene. It’s a no-brainer, she’d want to recruit this massive threat for her side. The actress will also appear in the Disney + She-Hulk series.

    3. Shang Chi Wielding the Power Rings.

    Shang Chi

    4. 10 Power Rings

    10 Power Rings
    10 Power Rings

    In the middle of the flag depicting the rings, there appears to be two Tiger Swords. The chinese characters depicted from each ring is from the language Seal Script (I didn’t use accent markers which change the meaning). Thanks to New Rockstars, for the translation.

    • 1. Quan: Power / Authority
    • 2. Li: Physical Strength
    • 3. Zhuang: Strong / Robust
    • 4.Wei: Extraordinary
    • 5.Jie: Hero / Outstanding Person
    • 6. Shi: Power of Influence
    • 7.Hong: Large / Extensive
    • 8.Xiong: Powerful / Grand
    • 9.Qiang: Strong / Powerful
    • 10.Wei: Pomp / Power

    technology each with own power

    In the comics, the 10 power rings (not bands) were used to power an alien spacecraft of sorts and it does appear they wielded their own power with each one. It is unclear if this storyline will appear in the movie version. MaKuluan technology that was stolen and rightfully belonged to the Great Protector Dragon. Could this be what the Dragon was guarding? Or is there something more powerful lurking in the film?

    5. The 10 Rings Organization

    10 Rings Organization, led by Mandarin is a terrorist organization threatening peace by any means necessary. Many different cells with different languages spoken in each one.

    In Iron man, he was captured by a cell of the 10 rings Organization.

    10 rings organization cell as shown in Iron Man. Marvel; Iron Man

    6.  Color Scheme and Mandarin Duel

    Shang Chi fights his Father, Wenwu or Madarin for possession of the 10 Rings which changes color due to the energy of the person wielding them. The colors are used throughout to signify time with his mother and with his father. His color comes from his mother so she has an important role.

    Color Scheme

    7. Great Protector Dragon/Human Form, Immortal Realm

    Mandarin is interested in the Immortal Realm and whatever it is that the Great Protector is guarding; set up to be the villian but not a cut and dry evil person. The Immortal Realm has a red door entrance that matches Shang Chi’s suit foreshadowing his destiny. Mandarin may have stolen rings from rightful ancestor owners.

    Great Protector Dragon Human Form Immortal Realm

    8. Shang Chi’s mother

    In earlier footage, Shang Chi, as a young boy appears to be receiving training from his mother.

    She may be the driving force of Shang Chi’s father’s plans.  Later, we see a candle lit shrine signaling her passing.

    9. Shang Chi (Brother Hand) in full Costume

    Shang Chi in full Costume

    10. Marvel Movie Verse version of the Makuluans?

    Marvel Movie Verse version of the Makuluans

    11. Special Carvings to Depict Family History and the History of the Ten Rings

    The History of the Ten Rings

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