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    Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson Returns To Practice Wednesday

    The Seattle Seahawks quarterbackRussell Wilson injured his finger on Thursday night against the Los Angeles Rams. Head coach Pete Carroll called Wilson “one of the great healers of all time” and he truly believes in his toughness. Wilson seems to want to prove his coach right and live up to expectations.

    The seven-time Pro Bowl quarterback returned to practice Wednesday, although he was listed as a non-participant due to his finger injury which required immediate surgery.

    “He was great,” Carroll said. “He knows his job is to help Geno [Smith] and get him ready. …If he can figure out a way how to compete at that, he’s doing it. He’s already starting to listen to the game plan, he’s figuring out where it fits, he’s going to prepare just like he’s playing. His plan is to stay as sharp and as fresh as he possibly can.”

    Seattle Seahawks Expecting Wilson’s Return

    Wilson seems to be zeroing in on a week ten return against the Green Bay Packers, November 14. While this may shock many, it doesn’t seem to be unrealistic as he performed today with a helmet and red jersey on and still lead the quarterbacks through conditioning drills, per Wilson’s hand still has a sizeable bandage and Wilson often kept it tucked in his hand warmer throughout practice.

    Wilson remains to be seen on the injured reserve list, which would require a minimum of three games sidelined. While this may eventually happen going forward, Carroll has yet to confirm or clarify if the move is forthcoming.

    “We don’t have to do that yet,” Carroll said. “And so we’re figuring it out. We’re going to use all of the days that we need to make a really good choice here.”

    Optimistic Turnout for Wilson

    Nonetheless, Russell Wilson was back with his teammates Wednesday and taking some steps forward on the road to recovery. Seahawks fans and supporters have a lot to look forward to.

    “Russ had a successful surgery, and we’re pleased with the reports. We don’t have any timelines to share at the moment,” Carroll said. “He’s in good spirits and as active as he can be. We’re happy with the initial results.”

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