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    Robot For Household Chores Are Coming: How Long Until They Do Your Other Chores?

    Get ready for some robot action in your home!

    Robots are getting ready to help with your chores, like washing dishes and more. You know how phones got super smart, cars started driving themselves, and things in the property world changed? Well, now it’s time for something even bigger: humanoid robots are getting ready to step into the spotlight. Geordie Rose, the boss at Sanctuary AI, thinks this tech change could be even bigger than what we’ve seen before.

    Meet Phoenix, the superstar project from Sanctuary AI, a robot for household chores. This humanoid robot isn’t just good at following instructions – it’s learning how to understand what you want, move around in the real world, and do tasks like a real pro. But the coolest part is that it’s not just about your home; it’s also about jobs. Imagine robots doing jobs that people used to do!

    But hold on, don’t start clearing space for a robot friend at your dinner table just yet. Tech experts are pretty excited about what’s coming, but they’re also being realistic. They’re not sure exactly when these robots will be in every home. Some say it might be a few years, while others think it could take even longer, maybe up to ten years. But here’s the exciting part: super-fast AI progress is making these robots come to life sooner than we thought. What was once only in science fiction movies is now getting real.


    Now, let’s talk about how hard it is to get these robots ready for action. It’s not as simple as teaching them a few tricks like reading a recipe or playing music. These robots need to know how to deal with the real world – understanding space, making smart choices in different situations, and handling surprises.

    general-purpose robot

    The folks at Sanctuary AI have a plan with this general purpose robot for household chores. They’re putting Phoenix through lots of pretend situations that feel like the real deal. Think of it like a robot practice camp! But there’s a catch: making these robots just as good in real life as they are in practice is tough. It’s like teaching them to think and feel like humans – that’s a big challenge!

    Now, let’s tackle the big question: when will these robots do more than just dishes? Well, that’s a tough one. We don’t have a clear answer, but one thing’s for sure: it’s a race. As technology keeps moving fast, we’re in for a fun ride. The day when robots handle all sorts of chores might be closer than we think. But here’s the twist: it’s not just about cool tech; it’s about making robots think and act like us.

    So, get ready for the robot wave that’s coming. They might not have a crystal ball to tell us when they’ll take over chores, but they’re here to stay, learn, and surprise us. The road ahead is full of excitement, challenges, and things we haven’t even imagined yet!

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