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    Riverside, CA 4L Javi Is Living Lavish In New Video For “Playboy”

    Who remembers magazines? Growing up, I loved reading magazines. I desperately wish they could make a return to pop culture. Because even though they are a slower method of communicating news, they simultaneously act as a historical artifact. The point I’m getting at is I can’t be the only one that was influenced by their impact on the culture. While I was reading XXL magazine, West Coast rapper 4L Javi was reading Playboy magazine based on his new single.

    Bachelor Lifestyle

    The late great Hugh Hefner inspired single bachelors across the world to live their best life possible. He lived in an expensive mansion and spent his days partying with beautiful women. I can’t blame 4L Javi for wanting to live carefree and let the world know about his newest release, titled “Playboy”. He might’ve made a smooth party anthem that you can vibe out to.

    Keeps It Playa

    The California native has always been about popping his color when he raps. This new song he dropped is just so “playa”, and full of bounce. Straight from the jump, he lets his haters know they aren’t in the same league. His wordplay is on another level on this track. He brags and boasts about how he worked hard to get where he’s at in life. It’s not cocky if it’s true, and every bar he raps is nothing but the truth.

    The video for the song also feels very fitting. Everybody knows real bosses don’t have to do too much to make a statement. So he plays it cool by not going overboard with the video. It’s just him, some friends, and a couple of lovely ladies enjoying themselves at a fun party. You can definitely see and hear the California house party-sound influence 4L Javi in his laid-back approach.

    Every so often, we get new talent that breaks away from the typical rapper mold, kind of like 4L Javi. He demonstrates that you don’t have to be “gimmicky” and act fake tough to get streams. “Playboy” is one of those songs you put on at a kickback when you are reminiscing with friends.

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