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    Rising Bay Area Crew MacArthur Maze Releases New Single “San Pablo Dam”

    The MacArthur Maze has just dropped their latest single, “San Pablo Dam,” and it’s a must-listen for fans of slick lyricism and head-nodding beats. The Bay Area crew consists of talented artists, including Jane Handcock, Champ Green, Ian Kelly, Roux Shankle, D. Bledsoe, Blvck Achilles, Nobl, SK, Basta, and DJ D Sharp.

    The black-and-white music video for “San Pablo Dam” is a family affair, but the show’s real star is the track itself. D. Sharp’s production provides a perfect backdrop for Champ, D. Bledsoe, and Blvck Achilles to showcase their charisma and lyrical gifts. The intimate filming and editing by NOBL make for a visually stunning experience that perfectly complements the track’s vibe.

    The MacArthur Maze is working on an untitled full-length album, and “San Pablo Dam” is just a taste of what’s coming. Stay tuned for more content from this talented collective, which is sure to make waves in the Bay Area music scene and beyond.

    Connect with MacArthur Maze: Twitter | Spotify | Instagram

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