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    Q.D.O.G: HypeFresh Highlights Artist From L.O.U.D Press Junket

    Q.D.O.GComing to you straight from H-Town Q.D.O.G Quincy is the definition of great is back, untamed and off the leash. The rising star is making his mark in the industry. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, repping The S.W.A.T. The authentic street flow and versatile style is his trademark. Q.D.O.G is no stranger to the game. He made his debut on the successful independent album, Sex in The City, by Eddie Cain, where he is featured on the upbeat track No. 16, “Been Around The World

    HypeFresh Highlights Q.D.O.G

    Who is Q.D.O.G?

    QDOG: Q.D.O.G is the definition of great. That’s what Q.D.O.G stands for. My motto? My motto is, ‘I gotta be great.’

    Tell us about your artistry?

    Q: Right now, I’m working my single, Dumb, it’s streaming on all platforms. We are making our rounds in the clubs, you know, the DJ’s spinning it right now. So, we’re definitely trying to make a movement to get this thing off the ground and give good music back to the people, man.

    What’s next for you?

    Q: Also, I wrote No Lay Up, that’s the second single we are working. It is available on all platforms. I’ve turned it into a door knocker that you can hang on your door— No Lay Up means it’s time to go. Whether it’s female, male, or them bad a** kids, it’s time to get on up.

    Do you have any projects coming?

    Q: Actually, in the beginning of 2022, I’m dropping an EP called The Game Room. Thats the up and coming thing for next year.

    You have anything else you want to add?

    Q: Shouts out to my bro, Scooter Don, we are going to be dropping his album next year on the label. Shout to all the DJ’s, and shout to Philly. Much love for having me for this interview.

    Tell them where to find you!

    Q: You can follow me on Instagram at @q.d.o.g.

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