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    Mic Drew: HypeFresh Highlights Artist From L.O.U.D. Press Junket

    Mic Drew, is mastering the art of placing rhythmic words together in a timely manner. He is developing a style that is much different from others, hailing from Houston, Texas. Meet Mic Drew.

    HypeFresh Highlights Mic Drew

    Who is Mic Drew?

    Mic Drew: Mic Drew is a hip-hop artist, a R&B songwriter, a poet, a 6’8 gentleman that will dunk on you. That’s who I am, songwriter, lyricist.

    Where are you from?

    MD: I’m from Mo City, Southwest side of Houston.

    Are you looking to migrate into the industry or do you want to remain independent?

    MD: That’s an interesting question. I’m going to migrate into the industry, I’m still going to be independent, with m own business. Like Jay said, ‘I’m a business man’. So, I will look to work with some labels or investors, things of that nature, but you know. I’m still going to be independent, myself so, we are gonna have to be partners.

    Do you have any projects out right now?

    MD: Yes indeed. My last single is called, Run. The video is doing very well on Youtube, Spotify and everywhere else. I’d like for y’all to go see the video. It’s definitely personal, everything in that song is true and honest. I let it all out, that’s usually what I do anyways. Go check it out, Run.

    How long have you been an artist?

    MD: I’m going to tell you this, since I was about, 13. At 13 I started doing poetry, 14, started free styling and stuff like that. At 16, my kinfolk pretty much pulled me to the side, and was like, “Bro, you sh** you freestyling about, that ain’t what it is.” He saw my poetry and was like, “Rap about that, if you want to rap, rap about that.” So, every since, I’ve been perfecting that craft. I’ve been really taking it serious the last five years.

    What’s in store for Mic Drew?

    MD: I’m getting into fashion, you can go to my ig page @micdrew_brotherbanggang, go to my store, you’re going to see Positive Energy Only, go on ahead and get that. So, I’ll be going into fashion. I’m looking to go worldwide with my music. Not just local.

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