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    Puerto Ricans Remember The Passing Of Hurricane Maria

    For the people of Puerto RicoSeptember 20th marks a day in which all on the island remember. They say that many got to see what happened as it progressed through the months. These needs included basic utilities, corruption, and mismanagement from the local government.

    Unfortunately, this all worsened when Hurricane Maria, a Category 5 hurricane, passed through the island on that day. Everyone remembers the day like it was yesterday, scrambling desperately to the supermarket for goods, getting gasoline to fill tanks and power plants. The moment it passed through, it stayed in position for approximately 12 hours. All that could be heard was the constant wind and objects flying around.

    The Aftermath

    Hurricane Maria’s aftermath costed almost $90 billion in damages to the island, making it the costliest disaster in U.S. history. Most of the island was left with little to no power for almost six to nine months on end. Moreover, many didn’t have a source of potable water for weeks. It created a huge gaping hole on the working class.

    “It will take a long time for us to recover from this,” said Felix Delgado, mayor of Cataño, Puerto Rico, in an interview with the Associated Press.

    It’s been five years and yet the people of Puerto Rico have not recovered.
    Besides not having any way to find resources,Puerto Ricans still tried to thrive despite the difficulties they faced without the help of the

    The Protests

    “Of the People, By the People, For the People,”  a famous statement previously made by Abraham Lincoln. It resonates for Puerto Rican when it comes to protest the corruption led by ex-governor Ricardo Rosello. Puerto Ricans accused him of using government funds and deceiving the people for personal gain. Then a chat was leaked thanks to journalist Sandra Rodriguez Cotto. Puerto Ricans saw the system’s corruption and how little they cared for their own people. From misogynistic, homophobic and classist remarks to also making fun of 4,645 people who died in the aftermath. The community joined together and marched towards the Capital building and demanded the immediate resignation of the governor.

    To this day, the people of Puerto Rico haven’t recovered and still yearn for basic l necessities. The ones that lost their lives are still remembered, and those who gave up and left for a better life are also known.

    It is important to note that Puerto Ricans have a strong sense of community and have handled every obstacle that has come their way.

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