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    PREMIERE: RAJA – “Island Gyal” ft. Tory Lanez

    Introducing RAJA, an international recording artist, model, and fashion designer. As seen on a Billboard article “New Face, Fresh Style”: Emerging Model Musician Raja on Blending Hip Hop With Bollywood,” Raja developed a well know buzz for himself in NYC with his previous release “Mannequin” ft. Fabolous and now his hit single “Island Gyal ft. Tory Lanez.”

    RAJA Island Gyal ft Tory Lanez-1

    Raja’s music style infuses influences of Indian instruments mixed with modern day Pop and Hip-Hop sounds. Separating him from the rest of the singers or rappers in the industry is his robust Urban Desi Culture. Discovering his passion at seven the tender age, Raja began playing the tabla drums. An instrument native to his culture, the Tabla Drums require the complex and extensive use of the fingers and palms; creating a wide variety of different sounds and rhythms. Elements noticed in his unique sound today.

    I just make music that feels right to me; it can be more of an R&B song or it can be geared to a more popular sound, all of my music represents how I felt at a time or my personality

    In this music video, you will see ‘RAJA’  arriving very late to his date in a red Lamborghini. His date realizes ‘RAJA’ is a player who’s uninterested in settling down. True to RAJA’s persona, he flirts with a waitress and invites her to Tory Lanez party. You can catch ‘RAJA’ styled in Dolce and Gabbana an exclusive to the brand; along with various girls refreshing themselves with Belaire and Aquahydrate water. RAJA’s main girl styled in prominent carnival brand “Stonejeh” International a Brooklyn, NY based company. Cast as Tory Lanez “Island Gyal” is a member of Paris Hilton’s Viceland TV show. Besides ‘RAJA’ and Tory Lanez, the jewelry shines in the video with exclusive designs from Marchello The Jeweler.

    Check out the video above and click this link if you are on our Apple News Channel:


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