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    Boosie Begging Mark Zukenburger To Get Instagram Back

    After breaking every guideline the social media site has, Boosie, don’t know why he got kicked off Instagram!

    Boosie is off Instagram and is Pleading with Mark “Zukenburger” to get his profile back.

    After years of behaving recklessly on his social media profiles, Boosie is finally in the dog house. Mark Zuckerberg and his team over at Facebook, which owns Instagram must have gotten sick of the rappers shenanigans.

    However, Boosie isn’t taking his Instagram Acount exile very well and asking for a sit down with “the boss” who he keeps calling Mark Zukenburger!

    Fans online are relishing in the fact that the rapper is surprised by the move from Instagram.

    Contrastly, some fans are happy the Louisiana native is off the site and hopes it last for a long time.

    Boosie does make a good point that rappers are in a peculiar situation with coronavirus. In an industry that is majority black on the talent side and majority-white on the owner side. Rappers are often at the whim of their white owners, Instagram is another glaring example of inequity.

    Mark “Zuckenburger” while he owns Facebook and Instagram, doesn’t make the content that generates billions of dollars. It’s rappers like Boosie, who for bad or worse people have a choice to follow, and he has a choice to offer products and services.

    For a company that is so against the government imposing itself on companies, Facebook may need to look itself in the mirror.

    Let us know your thoughts on Mark “Zukenburger” blocking Boosie’s Instagram Account in the comments.

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