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    Pop Smoke Casts A Shadow Over Hip-Hop, His Star Power Lives On

    A Dollar and a Dream

    Having a dream is an expensive piece of real estate in hip-hop. Dreaming of driving high-priced vehicles, buying the local neighborhood, elevating your family out of poverty, and creating generational is living the hip-hop dream.

    Rapping is a rare art form of music in youth culture. Seeing Black people create iconic music by beating their chest and beat-boxing in rhythm is mind-blowing.

    Also highlighting the deep secrets, ugly truths, and pains of America lyrically makes hip-hop the voice of the voiceless. Originating from pain and creativity, rap is the most influential music format worldwide.

    Money, Power, and Violence

    Living the life of a rap star includes money, women, drugs, and violence. Bashar Barakah Jackson, aka Pop Smoke’s rap career, began taking off in 2019, and living his dream became a reality. Navigating hip-hop politics, fake love, and high sales expectations requires an unshakeable faith in oneself.

    Tasting success in rap, Pop Smoke felt his dream transformed into reality. Gaining acceptance from New Yorkers, especially in Brooklyn, certified Pop Smoke’s greatness. Being the rose that grew through the concrete reflects his rise to success. Furthermore, he represented the fresh energy in rap music and became the face of New York hip-hop.

    Legend of Pop Smoke

    His life was cut short by a 15-year-old juvenile gunman suspect after he targeted the Brooklyn rapper in LA last year, along with a crew of teens intent on stealing his Rolex watch encrusted with diamonds.

    Home intruders stormed the Brooklyn-bred rapper’s Airbnb unit in the Hollywood Hills, also trying to steal his Cuban-link chain, but eventually succeeded only in stealing his watch, which was sold for $2,000 later.

    Shoot for the Stars Aim for the Moon is Pop Smoke’s first posthumous studio release since his unfortunate passing, marking the first album released since his death. Released on July 3, 2020, it launched the urban legend of Pop Smoke.

    Shoot for the Stars Aim for the Moon illuminates Pop Smoke’s creative genius and love for hip-hop. Listening to his music sends chills down people’s spines and makes them feel empowered to dream big.

    Pop’s posthumous album debuted on Billboard’s Top 100 list and earned critical acclaim from hip-hop’s elite. The shadow of Pop Smoke hovers over New York, and his spirit lives in every hustler pursuing rap supremacy.

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