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    Juelz Takes Plea Deal Plenty Uncertainty For Future

    Dipset has had an amazing run with the reunion tour thus far.

    But it seems as though it’s always some shit that hits the fans at the end of everything.

    Earlier this year Juelz was caught in a compromising situation. The Harlem rapper was attempting to board a plan all the while having a load fun, and Oxycodone pills in his bag. While preparing to enter the checkpoint, the rapper fleed the scene leaving behind everything.

    Eventually, the rapper turned himself in and faced the judge regarding his actions. With Juelz gone for a while, the planned Dipset reunion tour still kicked off and went through several cities.

    At some point, Juelz was finally able to be reunited on the tour with his brothers and provided immediate energy. Many people joked about Juelz not having any teeth, and how he was on drugs. Basically showing no respect to Harlem’s own rapper.  But fans still were happy to see Juelz getting back to what he loves.

    Last nights episode of Love and Hip-Hop New York, we saw his wife to be Kimbella. The two are on this season, and it’s centered around Juelz preparing to do some time in jail. We learned his fate on the show, as Juelz took a plea deal for 27-37 months, with the possibility of serving more time.

    Kimbella also addressed the drug habit that Juelz has picked up for the years. Man, we are praying for Juelz in this situation!!

    Tell us your thoughts on last night’s episode regarding the plea deal?

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