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    Pete Davidson Beefs Up His Security Against Yeezy Fans

    SNL superstar Pete Davidson has made more than a handful of headlines for his dating rap sheet. Since breaking off his engagement to Ariana Grande back in 2018, the comedian’s career and more importantly, his love life, has skyrocketed. So far, the SNL star has dated every eligible woman from Kate Beckinsale to Kaia Gerber. Recently, the 28-year-old started dating reality star Kim Kardashian. Though, he’s probably regretting it after having to deal with threats from Kanye West and his fans. Now Pete Davidson has decided to beef up his security.

                   Pete Davidson’s Romance With Kim K

    via TMZ

    Apparently, Pete Davidson has been on a serial dating rollercoaster for the last few years. However, he might be slowing down with his latest romance involving Kim K. The comedian made a bold choice to start dating the reality star, not to mention his friend Kanye West’s wife. It’s a dose of double-trouble for Pete Davidson. Though, he doesn’t seem too put off by Kim Kardashian’s massive fame. Nor does he seem all that phased by Kanye West’s latest threats he made to him on the diss track “Eazy.”

    In fact, Davidson seems to focus less on the negative and more on the positive.

              The SNL Star Beefs Up His Security Team

    via Insider

    Though, just because he’s optimistic, doesn’t mean that he isn’t being smart about his safety. According to a report made by RadarOnline, the Staten Island native has beefed up his security detail. Though, he didn’t add more bodyguards to his team out of fear from Kanye West’s proclaimed beat down. Rather, Davidson was more afraid of Yeezy’s fans.

    Another source claimed that before dating Kim K, “Davidson never bothered to add additional security whenever he hung out with friends.”

    However, that’s all changed. Moreover, the source detailed that Davidson now walks around town with a six foot, 220 lb. bodyguard at all times. The star has, hit an entirely new level of fame.


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