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    Ohio’s EastBayTae Is Dripping Hard In “Attire” Music Video

    Rappers don’t realize it, but every time they mention a brand in their raps, they are giving them free promotion. A prominent example is Gucci Mane. They won’t even acknowledge him, and he’s a walking endorsement of the brand. That love for expensive fashion has carried over to the next generation of rappers. One artist who can’t deny his love for drip is EastBayTae.

    Mentored By The Late PNB Rock

    The Ohio native is constantly bringing up his favorite clothing brands every chance he gets. I have to think he was somewhat influenced by the late PNB Rock, who helped pioneer the trendy melodic rapping flow that Tae commonly goes to. He was also one of his first notable co-signs and appeared on Tae’s last project, Never/Before. It’s obvious that their bond was deeper than rap because Tae had a great mentor who wanted to see him win on all levels.

    Realizing that he was building momentum with every release. Recently EastBayTae has been blessing fans with more and more singles to hold them over. His newest single, “Attire” has me even more excited for his next full-length release. Produced by Internet Money producer PinkGrillz88, this upbeat, bass-knocking song will have you feeling more dapper than Dan! I don’t even own any expensive fashion pieces, but Tae makes me want to break the bank, with the way he describes his exquisite style.

    No Stylist Needed

    The accompanying video for the song compliments Tae’s effortless swag. Directed and shot by HeartMako, he includes various shots of Tae living luxuriously and chilling in his muscle car. The rapper lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but these two make it look so cool. I love the clever video effects that they incorporated into this video. It could be something as simple as a pop-up window, but the fact they are unpredictable adds to the eccentric nature of the song.

    If you like dressing up in high-fashion outfits, they made this charming song to satisfy your passion. Great execution by EastbayTae and hopefully his next project is coming sooner than we think.

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