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    Nicki Minaj Says There Will Be No Place For Black Female Rappers In Music

    Lately, Nicki Minaj has made headlines for one reason or another. The 39-year-old recently roped herself into a spat between City Girls’ JT and Cardi B. Before then; she engaged in a physical altercation with Cardi B. Unfortunately, Minaj just can’t seem to remove herself from the drama.

    Recently, the mother of one spoke out against the Grammys for refusing to give her flowers.

    This time, the “Seeing Green” raptress took issue with the Grammys moving her newest track “Super Freaky Girl” into one of their Pop categories. Now Nicki Minaj believes there’ll be no place for black female rappers in the music industry.

    Nicki Minaj Believes Black Female Rappers Are Being Mistreated

    black female rappers
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    The rap industry has received a huge influx of female rappers in the last few years. There’s so much good music from female emcees to go around.

    Even some of the newcomers like Cardi B and Latto have taken home Grammy awards. However, stars like Nicki Minaj have never received a single award from the Grammys.

    In fact, Minaj recently did an Instagram Live where she discussed the mistreatment of her music.

    As mentioned before, the Grammys removed Minaj’s newest hit single “Super Freaky Girl” from their rap categories and into the Pop lists. The “Highschool” raptress appeared more than irked by the news and called out the Grammys for sabotaging her success.

    Furthermore, Minaj went on to suggest that the award show highlights the work of newer artist over others who’ve worked in the industry far longer.

    Additionally, she argued that if the “Grammys were fair, that’d place her and Latto’s “Big Energy” track under the Pop categories as well.”

    Unfortunately, the raptress foresees a dark and bleak future for black female rappers if the Grammys refuse to change their ways.

    Arguably, Nicki Minaj made some valid points about the Grammys treating certain artists like herself unfairly.

    Other female artists like Indie Arie have yet to receive their flowers, despite their hardwork and powerful songs. Clearly, the Grammys like to play favorites.

    The Rapper Engages In A Spat With Latto

    black female rappers
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    For a while, Nicki Minaj kept her commentary civil on her Instagram Livestream. However, things took a turn for the worst after Latto weighed in Minaj’s comments.

    While the “Big Energy” raptress agreed wholeheartedly with Minaj’s sentiments toward the Grammys, she didn’t care for being thrown under the bus. Furthermore, Latto called out Minaj for talking down on female rappers, herself included.

    Furthermore, Minaj took their private DMs to Twitter for the fans to see their epic showdown.

    Their conversation turned more belligerent as the two started hurling insults at each other, such as “Karen” “bully” and “old lady.” Why can’t we all just get along?

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