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    Latto Seconds Claim That Female Rappers Get No Respect

    Atlanta female rapper Latto has come a long way since her early days as a contestant on Lifetime’s The Rap Game. Since winning the first season, she’s gone platinum and even achieved gold status. Not to mention, she has a track featured on The Fast & The Furious 9 soundtrack. Apparently, the star has achieved plenty in the early stages of her rap career. Despite her accomplishments, Latto firmly believes that female emcees aren’t respected in the industry.

    Latto Says Female Rappers Aren’t Respected Enough

    via BET

    Recently, Cardi B made a statement pertaining to the mistreatment and disrespect female rappers receive on the daily. Despite their success, they still have to prove themselves in the industry. Furthermore, Latto shared with NME that she seconds Cardi B’s earlier statements. The “Muwop” star says female emcees have to work twice as harder than their male counterparts. Additionally, Latto suggested that male rappers don’t experience the same hardships that female emcees do. In her opinion, they can keep making “the same moves” without consequence. The treatment of female artists in the industry seems like a competition in of itself.

    Latto Appreciates The Hustle And The Struggle

    via Urban Magazine

    Unfortunately, the industry does put more pressure on female rap acts. Everything from their rap skills, their personal relationships and even their body image falls under scrutiny. Despite all the hardships female rappers face, though, Latto tells NME that the hardship only makes her stronger. “We value our success even more because as female rappers, this kind of achievement doesn’t happen overnight. Simple as that.” Hopefully, one day female rappers will receive the respect they deserve.

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