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    Nick Cannon Volunteers To Become Saweetie’s Baby Daddy

    Adding to Nick Cannon Kids List

    When it comes to Nick Cannon, the man obviously has one too many children. Though, Cannon doesn’t seem to mind, especially after learning that Saweetie wants children. After posting about her sudden desire to have children, Nick Cannon volunteered himself as her potential baby daddy.

    Saweetie Wants Kids Now

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    via Yahoo

    Having had previous reservations about childbearing, Saweetie has seemingly come around to the idea of conceiving. Recently, the “Back To The Streets” rapper made a random and yet alarming post on Twitter alluding to her future motherhood. “I want some babies,” the star blatantly tweeted.

    It’s unclear what provoked the female rapper to post the sentiment. Though, it seems that Saweetie might be ready for a new chapter in her life. While she maybe currently single, we have a feeling that won’t last much longer. She might even find her baby daddy very soon. After all, she is the ICY Girl for a reason.

    Nick Cannon Wants To Be Saweetie’s Baby Daddy

    baby daddy
    via Briefly

    Dating doesn’t seem like it would be much of a challenge for Saweetie. Since breaking things off with Quavo earlier in the year, the rapper has received offers right and left. Saweetie has been pursued by both professional sports personalities and rappers. Most recently, Nick Cannon tried his shot with her.

    In response to her “I want some babies” tweet, Cannon seemingly volunteered for the job by posting a string of emojis. One of them displayed a man raising his hand. As everyone knows, Nick Cannon kids have popped up in the last year by a number of women. He puts an entirely new spin on the phrase “baby daddy.”

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