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    Nick Cannon, Maternity shoots. De la Rosa & Scott Drama

    A Busy Father’s Day

    Join in the Father’s Day celebration with Nick Cannon, a proud dad to seven children, including two sets of twins. As the host of The Masked Singer, Cannon will have a busy day ahead, surrounded by four amazing moms and his seven kids. This includes his upcoming arrival, a son with model Alyssa Scott. Cannon co-parents with Mariah Carey, Brittany Bell, Abby De la Rosa, and Alyssa Scott. But does Father’s Day bring Cannon pure joy, or does it come with some drama?

    Nick Cannon on Marriage & Monogamy

    Nick Cannon has developed a negative view of marriage and monogamy, which started after his divorce from Mariah Carey. He has expressed multiple times that he doesn’t believe in marriage and has no desire to marry again.

    Nick Cannon on Wanting A Big Family

    However, Cannon has no qualms about fathering children, as he has been involved with four different mothers, sometimes in quick succession. It seems he struggles with commitment even when discovering he will become a father, often engaging in relationships with other women during that period.

    In a 2017 interview with Power 106, he expressed his desire for a large family. And now, he will have just that, although his children will be spread across four different mothers.

    “I’ve always wanted more than just a few kids. I’ve always wanted five children.”

    With two sets of twins, Cannon’s total number of children has reached seven. Will he be satisfied with this or will he keep expanding his family with more children and mothers?

    Nick Cannon; Father to seven children.

    Nick Cannon
    Nick Cannon is a father to seven children from four different mothers, including Monroe and Morrocan with Mariah Carey.

    Cannon welcomed his first twins, Monroe and Moroccan, with singer Mariah Carey on April 30, 2011. Following that, he had a son and then a daughter with Brittany Bell, named Golden Sagon (February 2017) and Powerful Queen (December 2020) respectively.

    Nick Cannon
    Nick Cannon, Golden Sagon & Powerful Queen.
    Nick Cannon Father’s day to seven kids

    Abby de la Rosa recently welcomed Cannon’s second set of twins, Zion and Zillion, on June 14, 2021. Currently, he is expecting a son named Zen S. Cannon with model Alyssa Scott.

    Elaborate Maternity Shoots

    To celebrate Father’s Day, Alyssa Scott shared her maternity photoshoot with Nick Cannon, commemorating the upcoming arrival of their son, Zen S. Cannon. Cannon has developed a fondness for elaborate maternity shoots, having one for each of his seven children. It’s unclear whether the concept originated from Cannon or his baby mothers, but it’s evident that he appreciates the idea of capturing significant pregnancy moments through these photoshoots.

    Mariah Carey

    Cannon had a nude maternity photoshoot with Mariah Carey for his first set of twins, which he later admitted to regretting. While the idea may have seemed appealing at the time when Cannon and Carey discussed it, the shoot now appears cringeworthy in hindsight.

    Mariah Carey
    Maternity photoshoot with Mariah Carey featuring her twin children, Monroe and Moroccan.

    Brittany Bell

    Brittany Bell

    In the photo above, Nick Cannon and Brittany Bell joyfully pose in white with their first child, Golden Sagaon. Below, their underwater maternity photoshoot captures the arrival.

    Brittany Bell

    Abby De la Rosa

    Cannon and DJ Abby De la Rosa together in a serene forest to celebrate the arrival of their twin boys.

    Alyssa Scott

    Alyssa Scott
    Alyssa Scott shared her maternity photoshoot with Nick Cannon for their baby, Zen S. Cannon, on Instagram.

    On Father’s Day, Alyssa Scott shared the maternity photoshoot she did with Cannon. Once again, Cannon embraces nature as the theme for the photoshoot with model Alyssa Scott, capturing beautiful moments among rocky cliffs.

    Zion and Zillion Arrive

    De la Rosa posted a hospital video on Instagram featuring her newborn twin boys, Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir, shortly after giving birth to them on June 14, 2021. In the video, Abby lovingly smiles at her sons as she introduces them to the world.

    Zion and Zillion Arrive
    Abby De la Rosa lovingly holds her newborn twin boys, Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir, fathered by Nick Cannon. Nick Cannon celebrates Father’s Day with his seven kids. (Instagram)

    Their newfound happiness was disrupted when she found out that Cannon was expecting a child with Scott soon after. However, this shouldn’t have been a surprise. Cannon had welcomed his daughter, Powerful Queen, just six months prior (December 2020), while De la Rosa was pregnant with their twin boys.

    Baby Drama: Alyssa Scott’s Son and Cannon’s Seventh Child

    Cannon is soon expecting his seventh child, an unborn son named Zen S. Cannon. During a discreet pregnancy, drama unfolded when Alyssa Scott indirectly confirmed Nick Cannon as the father in a now-deleted Instagram post from May, where she revealed the name of her unborn son. This led Abby De la Rosa to delete most of her social media content, except for a video of her introducing her children. Behind the scenes, tensions seem to be rising as the mothers vie for Cannon’s attention with their babies.


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