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    Nick Cannon Says Travis Scott Ain’t Here For Black Culture!!!

    Just like everyone else, Nick Cannon gave his opinions on Travis Scott performing at the Super Bowl too.

    Cannon, sat down with TMZ’s Raquel Harper to discuss his opinions on a few pressing issues. During the interview, on Raq Rants, Cannon claims Scott hasn’t earned the right to perform at the Superbowl without judgment. Meek Mill even stated that Scott is TOO good for the Super Bowl.

    In his opinion, Scott’s life isn’t an appropriate reflection of the love for black culture. When compared to artists like Big Boi, Nick Cannon believes that TS has long way to go before he earns, what he calls, cultural equity.

    “I call it cultural equity. We not mad at Big Boi… he’s for the people. But someone like a Travis Scott, he gotta walk more gingerly. It’s more about truly having integrity. To who you are in your music, and your art form. The people you choose  interact with. The people you choose to procreate with… That decision wasn’t for the culture.

    HNHH reports that Cannon has always been vocal when it comes to speaking on cultural issues. This is just another one of those topics he felt strongly about addressing, especially, since the Superbowl is only months away.

    However, when Harper questioned his affiliation with white women, Cannon held no qualms. He admitted that he loves white women and that his cultural equity has afforded him that option. Ummmm…what?

    Thoughts? Is Nick cannon right, or does he sound like a hypocrite? Share your thoughts below.


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