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    NEZSA released a sensational new single, “SHOULD HAVE CARED”

    R&B singer and songwriter NEZSA released a sensational new single titled “SHOULD HAVE CARED.” The song is her latest record and marks a new phase in her highly anticipated debut album, To All The Heartbreakers, which is set to release soon.

    SHOULD HAVE CARED is about love and relationships. Nezsa is in a much more reflective mood on ‘Should Have Cared’ as she goes through an internal battle of healing from the past and opens up about regret and heartbreak from a previous relationship.

    The lovely tune contains ear-pleasing vocals, captivating lyrics, and soulful melodies. Should Have Cared is a self-love anthem with magnetic captivation and a fearless spirit.

    Her “Should Have Cared” single marks a courageous start to a year destined for colossal growth for Nezsa. With her debut album, To All The Heartbreakers, Nezsa is also confirmed as an ‘Africa Rising’ alternative R&B singer and songwriter. 

    Stream Nezsa’s “Should Have Cared” on Spotify. 

    Connect with Nezsa: Instagram | Spotify 

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