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    New York,Portland, and Seattle Are Anarchist

    The Department of Justice has declared New York City, Portland, and Seattle as Anarchist Jurisdictions. What does that mean?

    Citizens of New York, Portland, and Seattle are caught in political warfare as they now live in Anarchist Jurisdictions. The Department of Justice gave the three democratic led cities the designations Monday morning.

    In a statement, the Justice Department said that NYC, Portland, and Seattle:¨” have permitted violence and destruction of property to persist and have refused to undertake reasonable measures to counteract criminal activities¨.

    Leading to Anarchist designations for three cities that have been active in protesting this administration handling of pandemics and social issues. With the 2020 election less than 60 days away the political warfare is almost guerilla.

    In his Sept 2 memo, Trump gave direction to his budget committee to look into cutting funds for ¨anarchist jurisdictions¨. In clear opposition to any city that didn’t adhere to the ¨Law and Order¨ method of dealing with protest.


    This coming from the same administration that has yet to condemn far-right and white nationalists for blatant non-peaceful protest.

    New York, Portland, and Seattle are the latest victims of Trump throwing his power around to influence politics.


    What are your thoughts on the ¨Anarchist Jurisdictions¨ for NY, Portland, and Seattle?

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