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    New Ukraine defense minister Rustem Umerov: A Crimean Tatar and a skilled negotiator

    Ukraine’s New Leader for Keeping the Country Safe

    Ukraine has someone new to help keep them safe, like a superhero, and his name is Rustem Umerov. The leader of Ukraine, President Zelenskyy, picked him because he wants to do things in a new way and ensure everything is fair and right.

    Rustem Umerov is a brave person who has talked to other important people from a faraway place called Moscow. They talked about problems they had, like when someone was not nice to Ukraine. Even though it was a bit tough, Rustem Umerov wanted to find a way to fix these problems without fighting.

    Rustem Umerov has also done lots of good things before. He helped some special friends called the Crimean Tatars, and he talked to people from other faraway places. So, he knows a lot about making political friends and talking nicely.

    But, there are some problems in Ukraine, like when people don’t do things the right way, and some things go missing. President Zelenskyy wants to stop these problems because Ukraine wants to be friends with other countries in Europe and join some cool clubs called the European Union and NATO.

    Rustem Umerov will be in charge of helping to stop these problems in Ukraine. He will have some helpers who make sure everything is safe, like when you have grown-ups looking after you. But there’s also another person called General Zaluzhny who leads the strong people in Ukraine’s army.

    So, Ukraine is getting a new leader to ensure everything is fair and safe. They hope Rustem Umerov can help them make Ukraine a happy and peaceful place.

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