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     Billie Eilish Caught Grooving to Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us”

    The queen of the darkly ethereal bop, Billie Eilish, struck the music world this week when she was caught on camera dancing in the car to Kendrick Lamar’s record-topping diss track “Not Like Us.” This track throws serious shade at Drake, who Eilish previously showed public support for. Talk about a plot twist worthy of a Billie Eilish music video!

    Fans are confused. “I can’t believe it!” exclaimed music blogger Sarah Jones. “Is this a Drake diss after all?” A lot of the comments below the video are reacting in the same way as fans were “Shading Drake wasn’t cool. Now Eilish literally calls him a cradle-robber!”.

    Sometime a good beat transcends the message. diss track can be good and funny to listen to, even if its directed at somebody you like. it is like that snack that is spicy but you just can pass it.

    But you know what the catch is: does it make sense to live with this music without a message? Can you listen nicely to a song that shoots yourself in the neck? “ A very complex moment, – says the music critic Michael Evans – “This is while you are listening to music, but this does not mean that you take the side of the one who wrote the neck for half an hour…

    So, did Eilish pick a team in the Drake-Kendrick beef? Or was she just vibing to a good song? Only Billie knows for sure. Maybe she’s just reminding everyone that even pop princesses can appreciate a good diss track.

    One thing’s for sure: this isn’t the last time a diss track will cause a dance floor showdown. Get ready for some awkward shuffles next time someone throws on “Ether” or “Killshot.”

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