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    Zelenskyy sacks defense minister Reznikov after 550 days of war

    Big News: Ukraine Gets a New Boss for Soldiers

    In Ukraine, they had a boss who cared for all the soldiers, like a superhero. But guess what? They just got a new boss! The old boss had some problems, like when you’re playing a game, and someone doesn’t play fair. So, the new boss, who is the big leader of Ukraine, said, “Time for a new boss who plays fair!”

    The new boss picked a smart person named Rustem Umerov as the new boss for soldiers. Rustem knows about important things like how to take care of the country and talk with other countries.

    Before this happened, the big leader of Ukraine said, “We’re going to make a special way for ships to go on the water, like a road in the water!” It’s like when you make a path for your toy cars, but this one was for big ships in the sea.

    So, the new boss is here to ensure everyone is safe and happy in Ukraine, like a guardian. We will keep an eye on this story to see what happens next!

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    Latest Posts

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