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    MLM’s Ladibree Shuts Down Move Forward Fest

    Ladibree At Move Forward Fest

    On September 16th and 17th, MLM Entertainment signee Ladibree shut down her performance at this year’s Move Forward Fest. Following the world being shut down due to COVID-19 and having to host a virtual edition in 2020 via Twitch, the festival has returned! Now that outside is opening up again, it’s back to regularly scheduled programs for an in-person event! The event was streamed live from Knockdown Center in Queens on Twitch. To no surprise, the MFF team showed up and showed out for their star-studded lineup.

    An Unforgettable Performance

    Packing the stage with heat to kick off the show was none other than MLM Entertainment artist Ladibree. Recently the Long Island rhymer has been making noise throughout the music scene and had the pleasure of opening up the show as a newcomer. Nobody was expecting what was about to happen, but one thing for sure — they won’t forget it anytime soon.

    Immediately she commanded the stage with her introduction freestyle as she followed up DJ Modny’s intro. From that moment on, the stage never cooled down! Then LadiBree took the stage with fellow MLM artist Migs718 alongside a dance troupe consisting of Sadboy, Dari, and Taiana.

    The excitement of the performance from the dancers to the chemistry of Ladibree and Migs718 set the spot on fire! Of course, to keep momentum, Ladibree took full advantage of the situation and gave a full set of heat. In addition to bringing the audience a show they won’t forget, she unveiled a hot new single titled “All Sides” which she co-wrote with songstress, Steph.

    Overall the show wrapped up with B.A.M. (Bust a Move), which had the entire venue doing exactly that!

    Take a look at the setlist below.

    “Ladibree (Intro) Freestyle”


    “Bruce Wayne”

    “I Lied”

    “All Sides”

    “Pop Shit”

    “B.A.M. ( Bust A Move)

    Furthermore, Ladibree seized the opportunity at the Knockdown Center and excelled beyond imagination. With the dedication, talent, & consistency this rising rhymer showcases — Ladibree is making a name for herself and cementing it within the industry.

    Ladibree and the MLM Entertainment crew, led by Mike Loco Hoffman, didn’t come to play. They came. They saw. And they conquered. From delivery to choreography and stage presence, the 1500+ in attendance loved every minute of it. Get familiar with Ladibree and stay tuned here for more! For now, take a look and enjoy some shots captured at the event.

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