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    Misheard Lyrics Madness: “I Like Vagina Camilla” Takes Over Internet

    I Like vagina Camilla! Royal fans were left in hysterics after they hilariously misheard The Coronation Choir’s song as King Charles and Queen Camilla entered Westminster Abbey. Viewers’ ears pricked up at one word in particular – and believing they heard ‘vagina’ the clip has gone viral online.

    I Like Vagina Camilla

    The choir was performing the ‘vivats’, Latin acclamations that are traditionally sung by students of the Kings Scholars as they greet kings and queens upon their arrival at Westminster Abbey for coronations. Apparently, the blokes who made up the choir sang the word’regina’ a lot more than they sang ‘vagina’. It was probably a little bit difficult to hear, though.

    I Like Vagina Camila!

    Camilla got dragged on social media for being the ultimate side-chick, but this could be her biggest moment yet. After her ascension to the throne, she’s finally getting the recognition she deserves.

    The misheard lyrics went viral online

    As the Queen of England, she can now go after a slew of hunky men. She’s already targeted Joe Jonas, who recently called it quits with her, but she has a few more in mind. We’re predicting she’ll get her hands on Robert Pattinson, Shia LaBeouf and Bradley Cooper. You can never have too many dicks. Can you imagine what she’ll do with all these bozos?

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