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    Minnesota Protest Turn Looting, National Guard Requested

    The Minnesota protest that started after George Floyd’s Death turned into looting!

    During the second day of protest in Minnesota, things began to elevate after some people started looting. Tensions have been high since the protest began as police met protesters in riot gear.

    Protest Turn LootingMuch has been made about the reaction police have had to protest in Minnesota over George Floyd’s death, as opposed to the reaction to protestors for opening up the city. Wednesday night, as some protesters began looting and the protest stops being peaceful, the truth was shown.


    These protests are too emotion-filled to remain peaceful, and the police know that. When armed white-man took over state capitols across the nation, they were met peacefully.


    It’s not only because they are white, but it also because authorities know that privileged white people are fake upset. On the contrary, people who are tired of hearing of black people being killed by police are agitated.

    When people have an emotional motive, they are dangerous, protesters against police brutality have plenty of emotional motives. The police know they are wrong, that their tactics of profiling and discrimination are unfair. Yet, they do not care, many of them anyway because not all cops are corrupt—just any police who has ever thought that there was a “Blue Life” to matter anyway.

    In a series of tweets Governor Tim Waltz had this to say about the protest going on in his state:

    The governor was right because the world is watching, how Minnesota deals with the protest and charges against the police. With the law, it’s complicated; the name of the game is the benefit of the doubt. Depending on what the prosecutors try to convict them with will determine if they are really for justice or just to show face.

    What do you guys think? Will the D.A go for a charge they know can’t stick?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments

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