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    Meet Michael the Kid, Talented Emerging Artist From North Alabama

    An artist who grew up on the beats of Kanye West and Travis Scott’s Rodeo, Michael, the Kid emerged from North Alabama with a relaxed style that connected the dots between Future, Drake, and Young Thug.

    Meet The Huntsville, a rapper hailing from Alabama. Born as Michael Tunstall, he discovered his passion for music and rapping during his early teenage years. Initially, it commenced as a personal interest.

    Yet, in the year 2016. He began to dedicate himself more earnestly to achieving his hip-hop ambitions. His journey took a significant turn when he stumbled upon the music software program Fruity Loops through the widely-known video-uploading platform, YouTube. From there, he studied beat-making styles from his favorite producers raging from Metro Boomin to Tyler, The Creator.

    Michaels’ indomitable dedication to the craft of music production drove his ultimate aspiration: becoming an extraordinary artist. Fueled by an insatiable desire to bring forth new creations, he immersed himself in mastering the intricate methods of mixing and recording while sharpening his skills through diligent self-teaching practices.

    Over time, his unwavering commitment and relentless pursuit of excellence paid off as he diligently saved enough funds to acquire a professional studio setup, which became the gateway to his sonic realm. He embarked on an extraordinary journey within the comfort of his room, creating captivating compositions and investing his whole being into every recording.

    The intimate setting provided the perfect backdrop for his creative process, allowing his boundless creativity to flourish unrestricted. With his sanctuary transformed into a hub of artistic expression, Michael’s dreams of musical greatness began to materialize.

    Stream Michael the Kid’s “Championships” on Spotify.

    Connect with Michael the Kid: Instagram 

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