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    Meet John Canon: The Photographer Behind 21 Savage’s Rise To Fame

    Upon glancing at John Canon’s portfolio on Instagram, I noticed two significant trends in his work: candidness and informality.

    While some photographers attempt to capture musicians, in what seems like, a completely staged and artificial position, Canon’s photographs are merely the documentation of what happens in a rappers life. 21 Savage’s rise to prominence has been largely due to the professional nature of the LA based photographer. Whether at a show, media interview, club, or charity function — Canon is tasked with portraying the 25 year old in a refreshing, hip, and distinctive way.

    Meet John Canon The Photographer (2)

    In a piece written in 2016 on TheFader, he noted that

    “Touring is different with a young new artist because it forces you to be a fly on the wall which made me better as a photographer. [21] is not necessarily the person that has a bunch of poses so you gotta catch him in the moment. Like, he’s an introvert.”

    Canon has begun to work with other rappers — notably Young thug, Migos, and Lil Yachty: but he also freelances with more underground, emerging artists. One is Atlanta rapper Yung tip, who was friends with 21’s little brother Tayman before he was murdered in 2017. It is certainly worth noting that Canon’s photography varies based on who he is capturing. While he takes candid pictures of 21, Canon seems to adapt his vision based on his perception of how the artist should look to the public.


    Canon is only getting started as a photographer for some of the biggest names in rap, but his work demonstrates his unparalleled ability to portray artists in a candid way.Meet John Canon

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