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    Massachusetts Van Buren Records Goes Back To Their Roots On Their Album “DSM”

    A 13-member rap collective seems a bit excessive. Though, mega rap group Van Buren Records has made it thus far without breaking up. The rap collective has made quite the name for themselves in Brockton, Massachusetts. Furthermore, the 13-man group hit the Massachusetts rap scene in 2021 with the debut release of their first album together Bad For Press. Ever since their record dropped, it has become a hit.

    NPR featured the album as one of their favorite records of 2021. Additionally, they’ve performed live at their hometown festival of Boston Calling and alongside Griselda during the multi-city tour. In 2022, Van Buren Records went their separate ways to work on music for their solo careers. Thankfully, that time apart has made them even stronger and better.

    Recently, they dropped their new album DSM, which stands for Dover Street Market. The name represents the very studio in Brockton where the group recorded all their music. More importantly, it’s where Van Buren Records first formed their group. On DSM, the rap collective goes back to where it all started for them.

    DSM Means More Than Just Another Record

    Clearly, Van Buren Records put a lot of work, heart and soul into their music. How else can a group of this magnitude stay so close-knit and in sync with one another for so long? Most bands only have one lead singer who goes on to become a star. The others tend to pursue their solo careers or rather disappear from the spotlight altogether.

    Luckily, Van Buren Records makes sure that all 13 members get their moment to shine. Their new album DSM, a 16-track record, makes sure to highlight each members’ skillset, combining it into one cohesive masterpiece. Furthermore, the album highlights all of their successes, looking to how far they’ve come in their music career. Standouts on the album like “Foul” and “Get Money” really show how the group has progressed in their music careers, both individually and together. After receiving nods from massive publications like Pitchfork, Ones To Watch and good reviews on their debut album, they have plenty to be grateful for.

    Keep Up With Music By Van Buren Records

    Van Buren Records
    via Token Society

    Some musicians keep rolling with the punches, while others take the time to learn their craft. Massachusetts rap collective Van Buren Records has gone back to their earlier roots and used that knowledge to produce their new album DSM.

    In talks about the record, the group members stated that their versatility comes from the early phases of their music career. “We are students of the game. We take everything we’ve learned over the past few years and apply it to this album DSM.” They did just that. Be sure to keep up with more music from Massachusetts’13-man rap group Van Buren Records.


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