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    ‘La Sustancia X’: Villano Antillano’s New Enimagtic Debut Album

    Last week Villano Antillano released their awaited debut album. La Sustancia X is burning a hole in the industry. She’s becoming an icon in her own way, being the first transgender artist to have a spotlight on a tiny conservative island such as Puerto Rico.

    Becoming a phenomenon this Puerto Rican artist published last June her BZRP Music Session, thanks to her freestyle she went viral all over the world. Gaining more than 155 million views on YouTube.

    The album La Sustancia X is one of importance. Being openly trans is bringing a change in how the media portrays reggaeton. One of which is historically known for misogyny and homophobia. Although when Villano started in the industry, she had to deal with many suspicions. But artists like Ñejo and Bad Bunny noticed her talent, not only that she collaborated with other upcoming artists such as Tommy Blanco, Young Miko, and RaiNao.

    La Sustancia X is full of lyrical ability, pop-rap, and more. The second part of the album is charged with her best pieces. One of them is ‘Poli’, which closes the album with an ode to polygamy and monogamy.

    “No quiero pensar que te privo de todas esas cosas tan bonitas que con otros a veces sentimos”. (“I don’t want to think that I deprive you of all those beautiful things that we sometimes feel with others”)

    ‘Mujer’ (Woman)

    But the most emotional song of the album and the most consistent is ‘Mujer’. This is where Villano and singer/songwriter ILe reflects on their own music. And how security in the world is never guaranteed.

    “Yo controlo el lápiz, yo tengo el pincel. Yo soy la dueña del amanecer”.(“I control the pencil, I have the brush. I am the owner of the dawn”), said the chorus in ‘Mujer’.

    Her music is a form to confront the aggressors. The message in this song intensifies with audio that reads out loud the names of victims from the LGBTQ+ in Puerto Rico… those to never be forgotten.

    Mónica Carazo, Alexa Negrón Luciano, Penélope Díaz Ramírez, Serena Angelique Velázquez, Layla Peláez and Yampi Méndez Arocho.

    Tell us what you think of Villano’s latest music.

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