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    Trap Kitty: Young Miko’s Latest EP

    Young Miko celebrated the drop of her first EP Trap Kitty, under the label The Wave Music Group. The EP has seven songs and two interludes made by producers Mauro and Caleb Calloway. By this being Young Miko’s first complete project, the artist assured she wanted to, “bring a unique and refreshing proposal for those who listen to it”.


    Meaning Behind Trap Kitty

    Moreover the EP Trap Kitty is the fruition of 9 months of work. It has a specific order so the listener can conduct a full trip. The work is presented as a “whole experience”. “From the beginning, I wanted to use the word “Trap” when I started this project. Trap is the genre with which I became known, it is part of my essence and where I can freely unfold”, said Young Miko. Meanwhile, the term “Kitty” relates as a way to describe women who tend to do things by themselves and doesn’t need help. “It’s a lifestyle, a mindset, and an attitude,” says the Puerto Rican native and author of songs like “RiRi” and “Puerto Rican Mami”.

    The only artist who is featured in Young Miko’s EP Trap Kitty is Puerto Rican rapper Brray in their single “Bi”.

    Since 2021 the artist has shown her versatility and creativity, taking over the attention of many. This project is no different. María Victoria Ramírez de Arellano, Young Miko’s real name, believes this EP opens the door for the audience to get to know her and her style of music better. She concludes, “It is a very complete project in a conceptual way. I feel that many people will be able to identify with my music and proposal.”

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