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    LA Rapper Boogie Brings A Force of His Own

    Everyone knows how essential L.A. has been when it comes to the music scene in hip hop. Cali has brought out some of the most dominant forces in hip hop whether it’s from old school artists N.W.A and Snoop Dogg or  new generation phenoms such as Kendrick Lamar and SchoolBoy Q. Any real hip hop fan can tell that Cali has always had its own unique soni style and it is heard through many of its artists. But even though Cali has had a great history for putting many artists on the map, there are still a few rappers I feel that go unnoticed in the game. One of them goes by the name of Boogie.
    L.A Rapper Boogie Brings A Force-1
    Now I know people just read that and thought “Wait I thought A Boogie was from New York?” Uhhh… no. That’s “A Boogie Wit the Hoodie” (who’s also a dope artist). I’m talking about L.A’s very own Boogie. I first discovered Boogie last year on Facebook thought hos music video for “Won’t be the Same.” The first thing I noticed from Boogie when listening to the song was that he had a lisp. Now at first, it threw me off guard because I had never heard a rapper with a lisp before. But when I listened to his flow and lyrical prowess, my inhibitions immediately went away. That’s when I decided to go on Apple Music to search his discography- which was one of the best decisions I ever made.

    On his mixtape Thirst 48 Part 2, you can tell this man put his heart in soul into every song. With his unique flowing sound and soulful hooks from talented singers (D’Anna Stewart, Ayo, and Grace Weber), Boogie is able to capture the essence of LA  hip hop while using his own sound as well. One of my favorite songs on that mixtape is called “Niggas Needs” because he is just spitting fire in the most soulful way I ever heard. This man said,

    “I’m a food stamp popping, White tee rocking, Swap meet shopping, Instagram watching, DM hopping, Niggas know the deal, Now they know I got it, Now they know I got it”

    When I heard that verse I thought, “I’ll take hot bars for 200 Alex”. The way he said it I haven’t felt so much passion in a verse in awhile. I hate be crazy for even saying this, but fuck it: Boogie might be L.A’s next major artist since Kendrick Lamar. His unbelievable wordplay with his catchy melodies is something not to be slept on.

    But hey don’t take my word for it. Go check out Boogie for yourself.  Peace.

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