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    Kylie Jenner Twins Kris’ Pixie! Mom Hilariously Slams Daughter’s New Haircut with Fiery meme reply

    Kylie Jenner has always been known for her bold and adventurous fashion choices. But her latest makeover has left fans speechless. The beauty mogul and reality star recently chopped off her long locks. She opted for a stunning pixie cut resembling her mother’s, Kris Jenner‘s, signature style.

    Kylie took to Instagram to debut her new look, posting photos showcasing her edgy and chic haircut. She posed with a sultry expression in one of the snaps and captioned it, “Kris Jenner is quaking.” The caption was a playful nod to the similarities between her new hairstyle and her mother’s iconic pixie cut, a staple of the Kardashian-Jenner clan for years.

    Kris Jenner, however, was not about to let her daughter steal her thunder. The mother and businesswoman responded to Kylie’s post with a hilarious comment that left fans in stitches. She wrote, “You’re not even the fart,” referencing a lyric from rapper Ice Spice‘s song “Think U The S*** (Fart).” The line in the song implies that the person targeted is not worthy of recognition because the song is a diss track directed towards haters and critics. Kris’s comment was a witty and savage comeback to Kylie’s cheeky caption. Fans loved the playful banter between the mother and daughter duo.

    Fans quickly joined in on the fun and shared their thoughts on Kylie’s new haircut. Many commented that Kylie looked gorgeous and fierce with her new look. Others joked that she was trying to copy her mother’s style. Some fans even compared Kylie’s new look to her boyfriend, Timothée Chalamet, known for his curly and tousled hair. However, most fans agreed that Kylie and Kris looked like twins and praised them for their solid genes and stunning beauty.

    Kylie’s new haircut is a daring and fresh change. It’s also a tribute to her mother. Her mother has been a source of inspiration and support throughout her life. Kris has helped her launch and grow her successful beauty empire, Kylie Cosmetics. Kylie has often expressed her admiration and gratitude for Kris. Kylie has also inherited her mother’s entrepreneurial spirit and savvy, as well as her sense of humor and style.

    Kylie’s new haircut is a testament to her confidence, creativity, and bond with her mother. Whether rocking a pixie cut or a long mane, Kylie always impresses and surprises her fans with her ever-changing looks. And no matter how much she changes, she always remains true to herself and her family.

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