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    Kyiv Urges Germany to Send Taurus Missiles to Counter Russian Offensive

    Ukraine Asks Germany for Special Missiles to Keep Them Safe

    In a big problem between Ukraine and Russia, Ukraine has asked their friend Germany for special missiles called Taurus missiles. But wait, they don’t want to start a fight! They want these missiles to help protect them from Russia’s actions. These special missiles can stop Russia from moving around and doing bad things.
    The request came at a very tricky time. Ukraine said that Russia did something bad to their big port, where they send lots of grains. This happened right before two important leaders, Mr. Putin from Russia and Mr. Erdogan from Turkey, were going to talk in a place called Sochi. This makes the problem even more complicated, and it shows that Ukraine really needs help.
    People in Germany are also talking about this. Some of them are saying that their leader, Mr. Scholz, is not helping Ukraine fast enough. They want Germany to decide quickly to help Ukraine with the special missiles.
    People all over the world are watching to see what Germany will do. This is a very important story because it can change what happens in Eastern Europe. We hope that Ukraine gets the help they need to stay safe.

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