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    Cardi B Declares Election Boycott Learn Why She’s Sitting Out the Presidential Election

    Cardi B Declares Election Boycott: Learn Why She’s Sitting Out the Presidential Election

    The American rapper Cardi B let Rolling Stone publish a recent interview that may have shocked and even outraged millions of the audience. In 2024, she promised to sulk and not cast a vote in the upcoming United States presidential elections. The thing is, Cardi experienced argued disappointment with two major candidates: the current incumbent, Joe Biden, and his predecessor, Donald Trump.

    Cardi B opens disillusion in American politicians with a two-user feeling owed, and Biden was feeling betrayed at the same time. “The democrats stay in power all the time… always promising something”, she starts. “Everything is so expensive, and people are getting more money, but people ain’t getting paid more”.

    Specifically, Cardi’s discontent with Biden boiled over on the backdrop of the promise to allocate funds to support the Ukraine-Russia conflict and Israel’s operation in Gaza. She outlined her feeling that the cuts were incongruent with the decision-making processes on foreign issues, and indeed Cardi was furious “with all the aggression that America has been involved in. All the terrorism stuff we’ve been wanting to seek revenge on other countries.

    The artist might have been afraid of retaliation for such words concerning the delicacy of any international events, especially those involving artists of color. Therefore, Earth has to slap America, “I do not like how America has a superhero cape. We did not do things due to the fact that we believed we were going to be superheroes. We did it only for our benefit”.

    Cardi B, who had voted for Biden in 2020, refuses to pick sides between presidential candidates because she argues that while swearing in, they give promises that they might not be able to keep.

    The decision of Cardi B to boycott the presidential election of 2024 is based on the lack of faith in the American political field, its work, and the two main candidates. In addition to issues such as prices, wages, and the like, Cardi B is also concerned about the American involvement in international battles. In this case, Cardi B makes it clear, leaving no room for interpretation. Thus, Cardi B directly addresses the presidential election candidates: “I don’t f*** with both of y’all n****s”.

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