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    Kodak Black Says He’s Innocent In Latto’s Sexual Allegations

    Controversy and scandals can be tough to navigate, especially for new artists. Kodak Black somehow finds himself weaved into a crazy story at least several times a month. Recently, the Florida rapper made headlines once again after Latto made sexual allegations against a “male emcee” who propositioned her for sex. Many fans guessed the “Wake Up In The Sky” rapper as the unidentified rapper Latto referred to. Though, Kodak Black has made it clear that he had no involvement. Unfortunately, he’s still angered by fans who continue to blame him. 

    Kodak Black Says He’s Innocent

    Kodak Black says he's innocent
    Lil Wayne, Kodak Black via The New York Times

    Kodak Black isn’t shy about proclaiming his love for the women of hip-hop and all of Hollywood. In fact, the rapper has already publicly crushed on several high-profile women in the industry. Though, he’s never voiced his love for Latto. That still hasn’t stopped fans from accusing the rapper of sexually assaulting the female emcee. Last month, fans speculated that Yak was the “male rapper” that sexually propositioned Latto in exchange for a feature on her newly released 777 album. Since Latto’s allegations, Yak has argued that he’s innocent. 

    On Saturday April 16, the rapper took to social media again to clear his name. Additionally, the rapper told fans that Lil Wayne was the artist who gave Latto a hard time. Despite his claims, there’s no concrete evidence to back up his speculation. Unfortunately for Yak, he’s mad that fans continue to accuse him. 

           The “Super-Gremlin” Rapper Has A Softer Side

    Kodak Black says he's innocent
    Kodak Black via Nicki Swift

    The media often likes to paint specific portrayals of artists, including the controversial talent that Kodak Black has become. Furthermore, the 24-year-old got featured in several news stories. Though, the latest, he claims as just fake news and rumors. While some fans don’t believe him, others do. 

    Additionally, the rapper shared screenshots of sweet and heartfelt messages from fans in the DMs. Their comments paint the rapper in an entirely new light, one that probably most aren’t used to seeing. 

    What do you think? Did Yak request a sexual favor from Latto in exchange for a song feature?

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