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    Latto Backtracks Speaking Out Against Her Male Collaborator

    Supporting female rappers has become more prevalent in the last few years. A few female emcees have taken the mantle to tackle the injustices women in the rap industry face everyday. Stars lik Cardi B and Nicki Minaj have been vocal about the mistreatment female rappers receive from their male peers.

    Recently, Latto spoke out about a male rapper who made a sexual proposition to her. Since the interview with BigBoy Tv , she has backtracked on speaking out against the male collaborator who sexually harassed her. 

    Latto Speaks Her Mind

    Latto backtracks
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    When it comes to being outspoken, Latto certainly isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Unlike so many women in the industry, the “Big Energy” emcee makes it known she won’t stop speaking her mind. Recently, Latto sat down with BigBoy Tv to discuss an incident with a male rap collaborator who sexually harassed her through the DMs. Thankfully, Latto ignored the male rapper’s sexual requests. However, she wasn’t able to have the emcee removed from the song. In the end, Latto was forced to leave him as a feature on the song upon the release of her 777 album. Nonetheless, Latto spoke on an important issue so many female rappers face today.

                Latto Backtracks What She Said Before

    Latto backtracks
    via Hypebae

    Despite the fact that “The Biggest” artist remained outspoken about the male rap collaborator, she’s feeling the backlash. When stopping by The Breakfast Club on March. 23, the “Big Energy” rapper regretted what she said about the rapper. 

    Furthermore, Latto admits, “But I wanted to shed some light on the specific challenges faced by female rappers. I didn’t want it to overshadow the music, so part of me wishes I hadn’t mentioned it.”

    When Charlamagne asked if she’d been referring to Kodak Black, Latto reclined to answer. Instead, the rapper wanted to focus on the release of her new album  777  and not the drama.

    Hopefully, Latto still continues to speak her mind and doesn’t allow anyone to make her conform to the industry’s ways.

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