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    Kanye West Says He Regrets Ever Signing Big Sean In New Interview

    Big Sean and KanyeThe first week of November marks Kanye making the headlines again. The audacious producer and lyricist is a little salty about Big Sean’s decision to walk away from G.O.O.D Music. Earlier this week Big Sean announced via Twitter that he is deciding to go his own way after 14 years at the label. The Don still takes the time to salute the brotherhood he experienced along the way. However, the seemingly unbreakable bond is now a thing of the past, if it’s left up to the Donda Album genius.

    We all know Kanye and how much he loves Kanye, he’s not a fan of rejection. The Good Life artist is a perfectionist and a master competitor.


    With all due respect, The Clique hit the scene and had heads bopping and speakers knocking. The group, a perfect mix of artist with their own authentic styles, made the nuance new and addicting. Artists like Pusha-T, Ye’s ride or die, Big Sean, of course and legendary Q-Tip, along with others who collectively create irreplaceable hits. Nostalgia—reflecting the era of window shade glasses, pink collar shirts and LV book bags, reminds of us when Big Sean first got his time to shine.

    Big Sean for Kanye

    All in all, Big Sean is a forever lover of Kanye, well at least before Kanye’s recent stance on his departure. How will Sean respond? Or does he expect this from Kanye because Kanye is Kanye? Throughout the years, the “Marvin and Chardonnay artist repped G.O.O.D music, but will his departure scorn Kanye forever?

    Kanye vs. Big Sean

    In 2005, Ye took the time to listen to Big Sean after he asked for Ye’s listening ear, even after being told no the first time. Because of his persistence, Kanye decided to add The Don to the Clique, according to Oprah. However, according to Thirst For News, in an interview with Drink Champs’ DJ EFN and N.O.R.E passionately expressed how Big Sean is now on his sh*t list along with John Legend.

    He even took a tombstone from some Halloween decorations and said, “I love this. I’ve already made up my mind that when I pass away, my tombstone will say, ‘I belong here because I signed Big Sean.'”

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