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    Kanye vs. Drake: The Saga Continues

    The Kanye vs. Drake tension heats up again after The Good Life artist proceeds to intensify the beef. Ye posted Drake’s Toronto address on Instagram, then swiftly deleted it. The people, including his fans expressed how they thought he went a bit overboard. The trending rappers are creating quite the stir for the promotion of their upcoming albums, Donda and CLB. However, the beef seems to be more than a stir— it’s real and Kanye is getting dirty.

    Drake started the madness, assuming that Kanye deliberately postponed his album release date close to his, however, it is unclear that is Kanye’s intentions.Drake still took it upon himself to take shots at the 44 year old artist on Trippie Red’s latest single, Betrayal.

    He then went on to posting a polaroid of himself on Instagram captioning it with a purple demon. Kanye mentioned in an interview in 2018 that Drake sent purple demon emoji’s while he was “dealing with sh**’’. Kanye is to give the public a good showdown when things aren’t going quite his way. Per HOLA!.com, Drake took to Instagram to prove he’s unbothered by Kanye and his extremities. He posted a video of himself facetiously chuckling signaling fans that he will always get the last laugh. The Drake and Kanye beef has carried along for the last decade, however, this time, things are little more extreme. reported that Kanye released a new, Donda stem player before of his listening party ahead of his long-awaited release. The player will cost $200 bucks allowing listeners to participate in the making of the album. Fans will be able to isolate different instruments, loop tracks and speed or slow the pace of a recording. There are some fans who are enthralled by this and there are also fans who are irritated with the ongoing teasing of the album release.

    As far is Drake is concerned, onlookers are waiting for Kanye to respond to Drake’s unbothered humor while there are many who remain neutral anticipating both albums.

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