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    Kanye And The Culture: Is Kanye Another Michael Jackson?

    michael jackson radioWhether people like him or not, Kanye is the culture. Since his grand debut in 1996, his beats and lyrics forever echo the times when things were simple. When we examine Kanye, he is what we call a true trendsetter—back then making the pink polo a statement for men. On his rise to stardom, Ye leaves an impressionable mark on Black society, another Michael Jackson, some say. Although he is great in his own right, can we compare the greats to one another? Here is what we think.

    Kanye, the Dark-Skinned that Looks Like Michael Jackson

    In a hypothetical sense; of course, Kanye looks like Michael Jackson as far as shocking Black culture with unconventionality. On top of being a fashion guru, Kanye’s true gift is music. If he’s making beats, he’s making history. Kanye’s fifth studio album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is a forever favorite. According to Chart Data, the album is the highest ranking released this century on Rolling Stone’s ‘500 Greatest Albums of All Time’ list. Since then, Ye has yet to cease to amaze the world, especially the world of politics. Kanye is the first rapper to run for a presidential seat— from his fans POV, it was a clever marketing ploy. By befriending America’s supervillain, Donald Trump, Ye opened himself up to much criticism. You had to already hate Kanye before this because his fans are still diehard.

    During Michael Jackson’s reign, some of his questionable endeavors were highlighted; however, this did not take away from his stardom. In fact, negative allegations about Michael Jackson only made him bigger and better. His mark on the culture will never diminish, no matter how much dirt is put on his name. His groundbreaking success boasts selling more than 750 million records worldwide, according to MTV.

    What these two have in common is controversy and brilliance. There will never be another like Kanye or Michael. So if that is the comparison, it is substantial.

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