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    John Singleton’s Will: Family Waiting For Breakdown Of His Estate

    There’s a lot of money left on the table after John Singleton’s death.

    $35 million to be exact! So it’s no surprise that his family is eyeing the pile of cash like a piece of meat. They were eyeing the money even before he died.

    As previously reported, Sheila Ward, Singleton’s mother, and manager, had filed for a temporary conservatorship of his estate, after he suffered a stroke. However, the thought was challenged by Singleton’s daughter, Cleopatra. Cleopatra felt as though Ward might freeze her, and the rest of the family out of getting any of his assets.

    Unfortunately, before she could get a judge to consider any other options, Singleton was taken off of life support. He was 51-years-old when he died.

    Now Ward is in possession of his will, and will be filing it with a probate court, reports TMZ. This means whatever Singleton decided is binding. So there’s a chance his seven children, and Sheila, could get equal shares of his estate…or something far less equal…or nothing at all.

    We’ll all just have to wait and see…

    Thoughts? Do you think John Singleton may have left anyone out of his will? Share your thoughts below.

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    Featured Image Credit: The Commercial Appeal 

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