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    Jeremy Facknitz Releases New Single “There’s No Going Home Again” Feat. Serenity Holloway

    Singer-songwriter Jeremy Facknitz is back with a new single titled “There’s No Going Home Again” featuring Serenity Holloway. The song is an introspective journey inspired by Facknitz’s recent trip to his hometown of Holly, Michigan, and his reflections on the changes he observed in the town.

    Facknitz drew inspiration from Thomas Wolfe’s novel “You Can’t Go Home Again” as he explored the idea that we can never honestly go back to the places we grew up in because both the place and ourselves have changed. In “There’s No Going Home Again,” Facknitz takes the listener on a nostalgic journey of self-discovery and acceptance.

    “I revisited my hometown and didn’t approve of some of the changes I saw,” says Facknitz. “My current self said to my past self, ‘Who the hell are you? Look at you with your Colorado tan and Colorado license plates. Didn’t you change, too?'”

    The track features the soulful vocals of Serenity Holloway, who adds a new dimension to Facknitz’s introspective lyrics. Presenting a hauntingly beautiful ballad, “There’s No Going Home Again,” which masterfully displays Jeremy Facknitz’s musical prowess and songwriting talents.

    Now streaming and downloadable on major platforms. Whether you’re a devoted fan of Jeremy Facknitz or a new listener, this song is bound to leave a lasting impression on your heart and mind.

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