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    Jay-Z Got 99 Problems, Files Lawsuit Against Bacardi 4 D’Ussé

    D’Ussé & Jay- Z Don’t Mix

    That’s right the rumors are out! Indeed the rap star, Jay-Z has filed a lawsuit against his partners at Bacardi. The “Empire State Of Mind” star is wanting to get to the bottom of just how much his famous cognac line, D’Ussé is making.

    With the lawsuit at hand, Jay-Z’s company, SC Liquor is demanding financial clarity for the top-shelf cognac. After all, he is a co-partner. The documents obtained by TMZ Hip Hop demand more clarity on the sales of  D’Ussé and since it was released back in 2011, the rapper has done more than ever to promote the drink.

    The lawsuit requests all written documents from the rap star, as well as the location of all warehouses storing D’Ussé barrels, bottles, and accessories.

    The documents indicate that SC Liquor wants to monitor Bacardi’s business conduct to protect their rights as a partner.

    Bacardi vs. Jay-Z

    Accordingly, SC Liquor had an agreement for its buyout about a year ago. However, Bacardi now needs to negotiate with the “Young Forever” star to find a way to buy out his share. The Grammy-award winner claims Bacardi is not playing fair and is “trying to stall and stonewall all efforts.”

    Jay-Z has done great things for the D’Ussé through promotion and shouting out the brand in his songs. With being partners for so long, the path is slowly coming to an end.

    The verdict is here, and the value offered was not what the rapper was looking for. More so the offer was something not in the best interest of the star.

    Jay-Z a.k.a The Boss

    According to the press back in 2021, D’Ussé was worth $100 million and the brand even auctioned off a rare bottle autographed for over $50,000.

    As well as the founder of Roc Nation raised $16.5 million for its startup company creating robot-powered pizza trucks. The Los-Angeles based company aims to bring new ways of cooking pizza in the future.

    Jay-Z mentioned the offer appointed was “well below” fair value and the news about it could not have come faster.

    The case has not yet released new information and in the words of the infamous Jay-Z, “I got 99 problems but this ain’t one.”

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