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    James Gunn’s Suicide Squad; 20 Easter Eggs Revealed

    20 Easter Eggs Revealed

    James Gunn’s Suicide Squad has been deemed successful. Fortunately, the film managed to bring in $4.1 million on its preview night which ran from 7pm Thursday. Additionally, Peacemaker is given a leading role.  Later, Peacemaker is set to get his own dedicated series. But, everone reading this only cares about the easter eggs. Did you catch them all?

    James Gunn’s Sucide Squad Easter eggs. Did you spot them?

    1. Pom Klementieff or Mantis

    Suicide squad 20 easter eggs

    First things first, viewers spotted Pom Klementieff as a red headed dancer in a Spanish bar.

    Pom Klementieff

    This quick cameo appears during which Task Force X is on the look out for The Thinker. Of course, her appearance is a reference to the Guardians of the Galaxy film that James Gunn also directed.

    2. Corto Maltese

    Corto Maltese
    Corto Maltese is a fictional South American Island as seen in Tim Burton’s Batman. Curteousy of Batman.fandom
    Corto Maltese made an appearance in Tim Burton’s Batman (1989). So, if you were scratching your head wondering where you heard of it before, there you go. Vicki Vale captured Bruce Wayne’s attention during a shoot in this fictional location. However, It began as a location that Frank Miller created in the Dark Knight Returns comic.

    3-6. Joker referenced on the back of Harley Quinn’s Jacket and more.

    Joker referenced
    Joker reference in James Gunn’s Suicide Squad. Via Gunn’s Instagram

    There are three references to Joker found in the film. First, her jacket references the clown prince, the moniker attached to the Joker. The second is a “Property of the Joker” tattoo. Recently, it was changed to read “Property of No-One.” Needless to say, she’s still coming into her own. So much so, that now she is becoming aware of relationship red flags and taking action.

    Harley Quinn
    Property of No One Tattoo- Harley Quinn. Via wb james gunn’s suicide Squad

    Lastly, the line Quinn says “If we find out you have personalized license plates, you die” is a dig at her famous ex. During the first rendition of Suicide Squad, Joker appeared and on his vehicle were vanity plates that read, “HaHaHat seems Harley Quinn is still working to get over her Mister J.

    suicide squad previous film
    Joker reference from suicide squad previous film. James Gunn’s Suicide Squad

    7. “Court jester” and Harley Quinn’s arm tattoo is due to the play on her name harlequin.

    Court jester" and Harley Quinn's
    Harley quinn arm tattoo. James Gunn Suicide Squad; 20 easter eggs

    Furthermore, it is a callback to her animated appearance in Batman the animated series and her designed costume look. For those that didn’t know, Harlequin, the term is a character that was a jester often paired with a clown character but was also seen as a romantic.

    8. Harley is sporting a J tattoo most likely for Joker. It looks similiar to the Joker playing card.

    Harley is sporting
    Harley Quin J Joker Tattoo Via James Gunn’s Suicide Squad

    9. Jotunheim, Qurac

    Another DC’s fictional location, this time used as the place in which Flag and Bloodsport served during World War II.

    10. S.T.A.R Labs

    S.T.A.R Labs
    S.T.A.R labs referenced as where Polka-Dot’s mom worked.

    During the story, Polka- Dot Man recounts experiments done by his mother who worked in S.T.A.R. Labs. Famously, S.T.A.R. labs has been popularized in Flash lore.

    11. Calendar Man, Background Villians

    Calendar Man

    Calendar Man

    First, Calendar Man is seen in the background of Belle Reve with other prisoners. Noteably, he was the villian from Batman’s The Long Halloween. Other Villians shown are Double Down and Crazy quilt.

    12. Double Down

    Double Down
    James Gunn’s Suicide Squad

    Next, Double Down is a villian whose body was fused with a deck of magical cards. Double Down’s minor cameo is more so done as a flash reference. And in cannon, Double Down is one of the lesser villians in the flash comics. Maybe, this is DC teasing the future ezra Miller Flash movie.

    13. Crazy Quilt

    Crazy Quilt
    Sucide squad

    Last, Crazy Quilt was part of Alexander Luthor’s Secret Society of Super-Villains. Later, she has ties with King Shark as she worked with the Secret Six.

    14. Senator Joseph Cray

    In James Gunn’s Suicide Squad, Amanda was going to play golf with Joseph Cray. Cray became recurring character from Suicide Squad #11-22 in the 1980s where he was implicated while trying to sell State Secrets.

    15. King Shark reading gag.

    King Shark reading gag
    King shot gag 20 easter eggs Suicide squad James Gunn’s Suicide Squad

    King shark or Nanue is “reading” a book upside down. The book he is trying to read is William James’ “The Varieties of Religious Experience.”

    The book examines the way traditions, rituals, and practices make the individual believe, feel, and behave. This is practically the crux of the character trying to figure out to relate to the world around him, navigate personal relationships, and his own feelings.

    16. Lloyd Kaufman

    Lloyd Kaufman
    Lloyd Kaufman gave James Gunn his start. Via Suicide Squad (2021)

    His presence in the film is a nod of respect as Lloyd Kaufman gave James Gunn his start. He makes a brief cameo dancing with a lady in the background.

    17. GBS- Galaxy Broadcasting Network

    Furthermore, during James Gunn’s Suicide Squad, Bloodsport’s daughter appears watching the news on GBS. In the comics, the Galaxy Broadcasting Network is run by media mogul and sometimes Superman villain, Morgan Edge.

    18. Crisp Ratt- Chris Pratt

    While, this one is self-explanatory, we’ll spell it out anyway. Chris Pratt played Starlord in Guardians of the Galaxy.

    Crisp Ratt- Chris Pratt
    Crisp ratt is obviously in reference to Chris Pratt who played Starlord in Guardians of the Galaxy. Via James Gunn’s Suicide Squad

    19. Ratcatcher

    In James Gunn’s Suicide Squad, Ratcatcher girl is a made uop character but her fictional father is a comic book easter egg. So, Ratcatcher played by Taiki Waiti first appeared in 1988’s Detective Comics #585 and he has the ability to control and manipulate rats.

    20. John Ostrander

    John Ostrander

    John Ostrander
    The doctor who implants the bomb in Savant’s neck in the movie’s opening scene is played by John Ostrander. Via James Gunn’s Suicide Squad

    Finally, the doctor who implants the bomb in Savant’s neck is played by John Ostrander. More importantly, Ostrander is one of the writers for Suicide Squad comics among others.


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