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    A Beautiful Confusion Hoodie by Jaden Smith is a “Must Get”

    A Beautiful Confusion hoodie by Jaden Smith is what we believe to be one of this year’s most iconic streetwear pieces to date in the running of releases in 2018.

    In the world of streetwear, many garments are released annually. But only a few actually hold its own in competition to the like of the cultural giants such as Supreme, BAPE, OFF-White, Palace, BBC Ice Cream, etc;. The ‘A Beautiful Confusion’ hoodie raises the bar to a new level in the re-envisioning of streetwear designs.

    A Beautiful Confusion Hoodie-1

    Having a long sleeve fleece hoodie in black, with SYRE print at front, tagging an ICON print at sleeve. Tonal stitching throughout the garment, engineered with 50% cotton 50% polyester in it’s threading. Not only does this piece look to hold sturdy, its price point is $60 USD which is extremely affordable to the masses of the streetwear culture.

    You can buy this hoodie now via Jaden Smith’s website as supplies may be limited.


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