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    Meet the Rising Star Designers Dressing Your Favorite Stars

    A new wave of designers is emerging in the glitzy fashion world, where stars shine on and off the red carpet. They bring fresh perspectives and innovative styles to the forefront. These designers are redefining luxury and making their mark on the global fashion scene. They’re doing this from the vibrant streets of Melbourne to the historic alleys of Rabat. Look closer at the rising stars behind the labels dressing your favorite celebrities.

    Kyha Studios: Redefining Bridal Fashion

    Based in Melbourne, Kyha Studios is breaking the mold of traditional bridal fashion. The brand’s signature aesthetic is a harmonious blend of modern and classic styles. Their designs are a testament to brave minimalism and are considered maximalism. They strike a balance that caters to the contemporary bride.

    Meet the Rising Star Designers Dressing Your Favorite Stars
    Kyha Scott

    Focusing on fit, craftsmanship, and luxurious fabrications sets Kyha Studios apart. While there’s no specific mention of celebrities donning their designs at the 2024 Golden Globes, the brand’s influence is undeniable. One can always turn to Kyha Studios’ official social media accounts or website for the most accurate updates. They frequently post about their latest collections and celebrity collaborations there.

    Meet the Rising Star Designers Dressing Your Favorite Stars

    Maison Sara Chraibi: A Fusion of Tradition and Modernity

    Maison Sara Chraibi, based in Rabat, Morocco, is another name that’s been making headlines. The label is renowned for its unique blend of Moroccan craftsmanship and modern design. Sara Chraibi, the designer behind the brand, skillfully incorporates traditional Moroccan elements like intricate embroidery and embellishments into her globally appealing designs.

    Meet the Rising Star Designers Dressing Your Favorite Stars
    Sara Chraibi

    Her architectural background strongly emphasizes rigor and structure in her creations. The brand’s collections often feature meticulous embellishments and expert tailoring. Patterns adorn the garments, and diamond-shaped motifs are carefully stitched onto bustiers. The simplicity of her designs allows the impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail to shine through, catering to women seeking attire for prominence and desiring an air of extravagance.

    There’s no specific mention of an Oscar nominee wearing Maison Sara Chraibi designs during the awards season. However, the brand’s influence is far-reaching. For the latest updates, one can always check the official social media accounts or website of Maison Sara Chraibi.

    Meet the Rising Star Designers Dressing Your Favorite Stars

    Nensi Dojaka: The Minimalist Maverick

    Nensi Dojaka is a British-Albanian designer. She has been making waves in the fashion industry since she launched her namesake label in 2017. Dojaka’s designs heavily reference 90s aesthetics. They experiment with sheer fabrics and use asymmetric shapes. Her designs are often described as “minimal but intricate.” She creates garments with visible seams and sheer and matte contrasts outlined by OK straps. This makes a graphic play on the body.

    Meet the Rising Star Designers Dressing Your Favorite Stars

    British TV presenter and fashion designer Alexa Chung wore a Nensi Dojaka design to the National Portrait Gallery re-opening in London. She chose a knee-length jumpsuit from the Nensi Dojaka Fall 2023 collection. The jumpsuit was adorned with black sequins. It featured a strapless silhouette and a racy, plunging bodice. This showcased Dojaka’s signature aesthetic of cut-out detailing and structural elements.

    Meet the Rising Star Designers Dressing Your Favorite Stars

    Nicole + Felicia: Redefining Modern Luxury Bridal

    Nicole + Felicia was founded by sisters Nicole and Felicia Chang. It is redefining modern luxury bridal.

    Meet the Rising Star Designers Dressing Your Favorite Stars
    Nicole + Felicia

    The brand uses contemporary designs and impeccable couture techniques. From Taylor Swift’s music video to Jennifer Lopez’s Golden Globes appearance, celebrities are flocking to the brand for its dramatic silhouettes, intricate beadwork, and timeless elegance.

    Meet the Rising Star Designers Dressing Your Favorite Stars


    Emerging from the vibrant city of Shanghai, Shushu/Tong is a fashion label that’s making waves with its bold and feminine designs. The creative minds behind the brand, Liushu Lei and Yutong Jiang, launched their venture in 2015. They graduated from the prestigious Womenswear MA program at the London College of Fashion. Then, they started their brand. They have worked with fashion luminaries like Simone Rocha and Gareth Pugh.

    Meet the Rising Star Designers Dressing Your Favorite Stars

    Shushu/Tong’s innovative approach to fashion has not gone unnoticed. The brand has earned global recognition. It’s now available in high-end stores like Dover Street Market, Opening Ceremony, and 10 Corso Como. Shushu/Tong is undoubtedly a label to watch in the fashion industry. They continue to redefine femininity with a modern and relaxed attitude. They push the boundaries between girlhood and womanhood.

    Meet the Rising Star Designers Dressing Your Favorite Stars

    Dressing the Stars

    These designers have been creating memorable red carpet moments for some of the biggest names in the industry. Oscar nominee Lily Gladstone kicked off her awards season with a red carpet moment in an ornately pleated and corseted golden gown by Maison Sara Chraibi.

    A number of these designers have styled Jennifer Lopez’s recent looks. Her looks are assembled by a team of stylists, Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn, who work hard to put her in pieces that hug every curve, provide a splash of sparkle or color, and stay in our memory for years.

    The Impact of Rising Designers

    As awards season heats up, these rising designers significantly impact the red carpet. They dress celebrities in show-stopping looks that capture the essence of modern luxury. They are redefining fashion boundaries with unique perspectives and innovative designs. They are inspiring a new generation of style icons.

    These designers are creating clothes, shaping identities, and redefining fashion norms. Their commitment to their craft is evident in their creative process and the decision to cater to their fan base by delivering solid designs. As they continue to rise, the world watches eagerly to see what they will create next.

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