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    J. Cole’s Manager Addresses Rumored Lil Durk ‘All My Life’ Verse Price Tag

    Rumors have surfaced online suggesting Lil Durk paid J. Cole nearly $1 Million for his verse on “All My Life,” however J. Cole‘s manager Ibrahim “IB” Hamad, has denied these rumors.

    Hamad responded quickly by tweeting “That’s cap.”

    Rumors regarding Durk and Cole’s payment apparently began when Raphouse TV posted on their Twitter page that Durk paid Cole $978,000 per verse at an alleged rate of $2,000 per word – however Hamad has since disproved this rumor in a tweet posted by Hamad himself.

    “All My Life” is Durk’s new single from “Almost Healed” that has received critical acclaim both from critics and fans, often being touted as one of the year’s best collaborations.

    No one knows for certain why the rumor about Cole’s verse price tag began; perhaps people were simply taken aback that Cole would collaborate with Durk, who is known for more street-oriented music.

    No matter the source of the speculation, Hamad’s tweet put an end to it. It’s clear now that Cole didn’t charge Durk nearly $1 million for his verse and that they are simply friends who wanted to collaborate on creating an amazing track.

    J. Cole and Lil Durk: Pioneers of Hip-Hop

    J. Cole and Lil Durk’s collaboration is a hallmark of new era hip-hop. Though coming from different worlds, these rappers have come together to craft an outstanding song which has proven both commercially successful and critically acclaimed.

    Cole is a Grammy Award-winning rapper renowned for his emotive lyrics and socially conscious music, while Durk is an up-and-comer in Chicago’s drill scene who stands out with his streetwise rhymes and gritty verse.

    Cole and Durk have joined forces to craft an emotionally powerful song: “All My Life”. This tune speaks about love, loss and redemption that has resonated with listeners of all ages.

    “All My Life”‘s success is evidence of hip-hop’s continual development; no longer limited to one sound or style, hip-hop has become more inclusive and diverse over time.

    J. Cole and Lil Durk are two of the most talented rappers working today, and their collaboration signals great things for hip-hop culture as a whole.

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