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    In-Plane Site – “Invisible Ink”

    “Invisible Ink” is an editorial story based on our black pioneers who influence today’s entertainment culture, starting with Bass Reeves,  “the first cowboy.”

    This project highlights the influence of cultures we don’t often recognize by black people, the curators of cool. The first story inspiration is Bass Reeves, who set the status quo for the Yee-Haw Agenda back in 1865
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    The Influence – Bass Reeves

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    Born to slave parents in 1838 in Crawford County, Arkansas, Bass Reeves would become the first black U.S. Deputy Marshal west of the Mississippi River and one of the greatest frontier heroes in our nation’s history.

    Owned by a man named William Reeves, a farmer and politician, Bass took the surname of his owner, like other slaves of the time. His first name came from his grandfather, Basse Washington

    Working alongside his parents, Reeves was a water boy until he was old enough to become a field hand. In about 1846, William Reeves moved his operations, family, and slaves to Grayson County, Texas.

    Morden Day Cowboy the black cowboy has been reincarnated in a sense  in today’s mainstream media through the popular hits like ” Old Town Rod” by lil Nas X.

    Intro to Animah

    Ever since finishing college, Animah has dived into being a Freelance creative director / creative producer. Animah has been stepping into her own with her work highlighting black influences within history and mainstream culture. This latest release highlights her modern creativity, which, when combined with her appreciation for history, defines her style.

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